How to stop your glasses fogging up

on September 10, 2020

When you wear a face mask - and it's common these days - your glasses often fog up as you breath. Because face masks are now a normal part of our wardrobe it's a good idea to work out how to stop this from happening.

Glasses fogging up

This is annoying for anyone - it's because our warm breath escapes from the top of our cloth mask and hits the cooler lens of our glasses, causing condensation to form. With everything that's happening right now, the last thing we need is foggy glasses. So here are some ways to combat this problem.

Use your glasses to seal the top of your mask

The easiest and quickest fix for this is to pull your cloth mask up high on your nose and then use your glasses to seal your mask and shape it to your face. This will make it a more secure the fit and so less air will escape through the top of the mask. When  you do this, still make sure your cloth mask fits properly over your face so your nose and mouth are completely covered because this way you're still wearing your mask properly.

Wash the lenses

We're not the only ones to have suffered this problem. Surgeons have found this can be an issue and there's a paper addressing this very problem published by the  Royal College of Surgeons of England.The surgeons found their glasses would fog up when they wore a surgical mask and this was presenting a risk to their patients who were under their scalpel!

The paper says one of the best solutions is to wash your glasses with soapy water and shake off the excess, just before you put your mask on. Then, let the glasses dry in the air or gently use a soft tissue to dry them, before putting them back on.

Once you've done this, you should find your glasses don't fog up as much because the soap leaves behind a thin film that acts as a barrier to the fog.

Check how your mask fits

If your fabric mask is too loose then too much warm breath can be puffed out the top of it. All you have to do is adjust the mask's straps so it sits flush against your face and this will limit the amount of warm breath that comes out.

Take a look here and check out this dentist’s face mask hack to help you get a tighter fit.

Put a tissue inside the top of the mask

One other suggestion we've heard of is to fold a tissue horizontally and place it between your face and the top of your mask, so it sits over the bridge of your nose. When you do this, the moisture from your breath will mostly be absorbed by the tissue instead of hitting your glasses lenses so this could help.

Tape it down

If none of these tips are doing enough for you, you could tape your fabric mask down around the bridge of your nose to stop the warm air from floating upwards. You can use tape which made for your skin - such as sports or medical tape.


Something to always keep in mind is the fact you should always wash or sanitise your hands before touching your mask. Have a great day!