Situations to wear a mask

on September 20, 2020
Wearing a mask is mandatory in Victoria and it is highly recommended in other states of Australia. The Health Department of each state strongly recommends people wear a mask when they are unable to physically distance, particularly in indoor settings, to keep everyone safe.

The NSW Government says there are certain times when it's more important to wear a face mask and this is because, when you take this extra precaution, you're protecting others.

It is really important that you carry a clean face mask with you at all times and wear it when the situation requires it.

So here are some tips on when you should wear a face mask:

  • Any time when it's hard to maintain 1.5 metres of physical distance from people around you - for example in an indoor setting such as someone else's home or a restaurant.
  • When you're in high-risk indoor area such as public transport, ride share, taxis, Uber ride, supermarkets, shops, places of worship and entertainment venues.
  • When you're working in a cafe, restaurant, pub, club or other high-risk indoor area.
  • If you're caring for or serving vulnerable people.
  • Whenever you feel some symptoms developing and you're not at home.
  • if you are not at home and you're notified by a Health authority that you are a close contact of a confirmed COVID-19 case. This includes if you have visited a location with a reported case and must self-isolate immediately.

You should also wear a mask if you:

  • Have any symptoms and are seeking medical care.
  • Feel you need to go and get tested.
  • Find yourself in an indoor space with other people and you have symptoms or have been asked to self-isolate.

If you'd like some tips on how best to wear your face mask, read here.